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2D logo animation, animated post for social media, short ad


Illustration for books and also for web

Graphic design

Baners, posters, bookcover, presentation, menu, social media content


Product photography, photo edit


Blog Posts

Why you should do photography

Why you should do photography

Photography was an art field I avoided for a long time. I was telling to myself that I don’t have to do EVERYTHING. For a few years it went good. I honestly don’t remember the breakpoint but there I was with new camera in my hands and heart full of hopes.   1....

What I learnt from NANOWRIMO

What I learnt from NANOWRIMO

I tried NANOWRIMO. I did it in August, because it was the only free month I had, but it was amazing experience.   by JS Wordsmith If you have never heard about it, NANOWRIMO is shortcut from National Novel Writing Month. Basically it is a challenge of writing,...

Sabína Hoosová

I work in  graphic design, photography, illustration and animation. 

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Sabína Hoosová

MUNI FF, graphic design, , photography,
motion design, web design